Tips How to get fit at home 2021 best tips for health

How to get fit at home 2021 best tips for health, The same training principles apply. If you want to maintain or build muscle mass, you need sufficient resistance. You build muscle mass and muscle strength through sufficient tension on a muscle.

How to get fit at home
Tips How to get fit at home 2021

Muscle damages it possible to do strength training at home.

Metabolic stress, How to get fit at home? So this means with home, training that you have to train hard enough in the form of the number of repetitions or make smart use of your body and gravity. We will explain how this works below and tie in with the question we receive almost every day. The answer. How to get fit at home? Yes, that's possible.

Provided you use the correct progressions and regressions, With this, you can make your exercises heavier, But what is that? Progressions and regressions. A progression is a more difficult variant of a basic exercise. Regression is an easier version of a basic exercise.

Suppose you normally do the squat or bench press with a fairly heavyweight? Then the regular air squat or push-ups is probably too light.

What you do is look for a progression

Of the exercise in question. With the squat. This can be a one-legged squat: How to get fit at home, How to get fit at home, for example, the pistol squat (see image below). Or the sissy squat where you experience a lot more stretch on your thighs. Both exercises are much heavier and therefore a good stimulus to maintain or even increase your muscle mass. Also, you work by training one-legged on the difference in muscle strength between both legs. This can be a good wake-up call for the regular strength athlete.

Other options for making it harder?

There are many ways you can make an exercise heavier.

A handy method is to use more weight, At home, this is often a bit more difficult because not everyone has all kinds of weights and barbells. Still, there are some tips that you can end with. For example, use a backpack with books that you put on your back for split squats or lunges.

You can also train your shoulders with this and make the push-ups heavier. Do you have a bucket at home? Then you can also fill it with sand and use it as a kind of kettlebell.

How to get fit at home Or use some bottles or a large jerry can with water or sand. You can also make a sandbag from a weekend bag; fill a plastic bag with sand, duck tape it tightly, and put it in the overnight bag.

resistance bands

We also recommend that you train with resistance bands. This is a strong elastic made of rubber. The harder you pull the elastic, the more tension it will put on. This makes a movement heavier. The tension increases exponentially; so as the elastic stretches further, the resistance becomes heavier. Resistance bands are ideal when, for example, you are travelling and there is no gym nearby - so they also come in handy in these times of home training.

How many times a week should I train?

We recommend exercising your muscles at least twice a week. How much rest you need varies from person to person, but often it takes 1-3 days before you can use the muscles again. How to get fit at home, How often you want to and can train depends of course on the amount of time you have. Can you train less often? Then you will have to plan more training volume per muscle group per training.


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